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RFC2 Realtime List - bogusmx.rfc-clueless.org

All about the DNSBL / RBL (DNS Blacklist, Real Time Blacklist) at bogusmx.rfc-clueless.org

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About RFC2

RFC2 is not a list of spammers.
RFC Ignorant

With RFC Ignorant closed down, we've expanded to include their lists. You can check to see if a hostname is contained in our lists by attempting to resolve one of the following patterns (generally you need only check whether the host resolves or not rather than worry about the exact IP).

hostname.dsn.rfc-clueless.org resolves to
hostname.postmaster.rfc-clueless.org resolves to
hostname.abuse.rfc-clueless.org resolves to
hostname.whois.rfc-clueless.org resolves to (or if the TLD is listed)
hostname.bogusmx.rfc-clueless.org resolves to


You can query all lists at once by querying hostname.fulldom.rfc-clueless.org, which will resolve to if hostname is listed in any of our lists. We have also the std meta-list (dsn, postmaster, abuse, and bogusmx) which uses for listed hosts as well.

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